Robert Murphy lives in Saint Paul and divides his time as a photographer between Minnesota andthe desert regions of Southern California. Murphy’s photographs have been exhibited at major museums and galleries and his work is included in public and private collections. He has been awarded fellowships from the McKnight Foundation, the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Jerome Foundation.

Truly great photographs transcend the moment captured and evoke a response that allows any of us the possibility to glimpse some insight into the mysteries that life holds. My photographs reflect the multi-dimensional nature of the world that we live in; offering a way for the viewer to confirm, negate, or question existing perceptions of reality.

My current work explores the complexities of this reality, transforming the mysteries of feeling, knowledge, and history, into two dimensions. Our perceptions of reality influence our experience; things are not always as they appear to be.  The ordinary is illuminated by the non-ordinary, often revealing a depth and richness that escapes the eye at first glance.