Katie Dunkle resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she teaches yoga, plays with cats and creates her growing and divergent art portfolio. She is also an avid traveler and explorer of all kinds. Katie is currently expanding on her newest body of work entitled “Girls”, which visually probes the indulgence of desires through blind-contour line drawings of the female figure. Katie exhibits and curates across the South East. 

 "Girls" is a series of line-contour drawings by the artist Katie Dunkle as she studies sensuous female figures found in pornographic imagery. Katie examines amateur pornographic photograph and then “blindly” or without looking at her canvas, she abstracts the nude imagery into a continuous lyrical line drawing utilizing ink, chalk pastel, graphite and watercolor. These unapologetically raw creations focus on the realization that women viewed in pornography are usually perceived as mere objects. Katie's intent is that by re-creating these women in grotesquely beautiful and strangely familiar drawings the viewer can step back from the imagery of naked females and reconsider what it means to pose nude for the visual stimulation of others.