I am interested in creating imagery that sucks you into a larger world. A hierarchical framing system that revolves around framing the viewer as if they were a character within the image. I see it as playing the player similar to early Doom and 007 games. My primary influences are comic books, cartoons and video games. The graphic quality functions theatrically, detached, and is affected by our digitized culture, advertising, and the way we see ourselves within the world and [how we] navigate this space. Each images is like an encounter of different moments in times, existing in the same world but different stories, placing the emphasis on intense encounters of a chaotic, and seemingly senseless environment. Sometimes the narrative is based on something very specific, maybe something I saw. It’s always about interaction between people, and then it takes off from there. The characters in these encounters are sort of being swallowed up by the compositions. The end result represents the transition or metamorphosis of the character, changing into something different from what they physically are.