Caylon Hackwith I New Vacuum Cleaner

$ 185.00

Only 20 left in this edition.

Archival Pigment Print on Canson Fibre Rag.

16x20 - Edition of 20

Each print is accompanied by a certificate hand numbered and signed by the artist.

All prints are produced to the highest standards of quality under the direct supervision of the artist. Only archival materials are used.

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Artist Statement

Many have had the experience. You buy something housed in a cardboard box and it rides home with you in your back seat. Maybe you even consider buckling it in. And when it’s lying on your carpet you remove its styrofoam exoskeleton and pull it out by its head. Then, for a moment, you stare at it. You exam it in its plastic uterine wrapping, preserved in an ephemeral state of [ . . . ]

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