Color Space Editions X SooVAC May 19 2014

SooVAC Serena Cole Nate Burbeck Jason and Jesse Pearson

We've been keeping a tight lid on this project for a while now, but we can finally announce our partnership with the Soo Visual Art Center in Minneapolis, MN. They will be curating a small collection of prints in conjunction with their exhibition calendar.

We've been making great artwork available to a growing audience, and we can't wait to add more SooVAC artists to the selection. Not to mention, we're honored to be working with such a mainstay in the Minneapolis art community.

Check back soon for more info. 

Color Space Editions + Forage Modern Workshop May 19 2014

We're so excited to be partnering with Forage Modern Workshop to offer select print editions at their store in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. Internet ordering might be easy, but we know that sometimes, you just have to see it in person!

Check out some words from Forage below and at the link to their post about the partnership.


"We are very excited about our new collaboration with Color Space out of NE Minneapolis.

Color Space Editions is a project launched in early 2014 by Color Space Art and Imaging LLP. After years in the print and art services industry, Color Space Editions now allows owners to not only serve the artists they have come to know, but also take an active roll in promoting their work. As the production resource for countless artists and art professionals, its a natural evolution to move into a more active roll in the local and natural art community.

Chris approached us about selling some of their editions at Forage Modern Workshop. After seeing the prints, we FELL IN LOVE. And as a curated store, we really appreciate the fact that the prints are limited to 20. Once sold out, no prints may ever be added to the edition.  

We're starting with two prints by each the following artists: Caylon Hackwith and by Aaron Norberg."


Thanks for coming! April 15 2014

What a great turnout for our launch party. Thanks to everyone who came. We hope you found something you just can't live without! Keep an eye out for more art from local and national artists as well as some pretty exciting collaborations coming soon!


It was packed with people during the show, but of course we didn't take any pictures. Here are a few from the day after, sans people. 

Launch Party - April 12th March 07 2014


Come out to our launch party to see work from your favorite Color Space Editions artists.


April 12th, 2014

7-10 pm


Color Space Art and Imaging

77 13th Ave NE #206A

Minneapolis MN 55413

Proofing, proofing, and more proofing... February 04 2014

Get a glimpse into the process each edition goes through before being made available to the public. We work directly with the artists until their images are exactly as they envision them. 

You may even get a glimpse of some art that isn't released yet. Don't worry, its coming!


Getting all set and ready to launch! January 15 2014

We've been hard at work getting everything ready for our launch of COLOR SPACE EDITIONS. We're all very excited about bringing some great artwork to a more accessible arena.

Most of our initial roster of artists has or is in the process of finalizing their editions, and we are starting the certificate process. Each print is accompanied by a certificate signed and number by the artist. Included on each certificate is titling and edition information so you know exactly what you're getting.

Welcome to Color Space Editions January 02 2014

Welcome to Color Space Editions.